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Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina Legacy will award grants only to organizations qualified as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or units of local or state government. Grant award decisions are contingent upon the availability of North Carolina Legacy funds and will be based on various organizational and programmatic factors including:

  • Organization mission acceptable to Sisters of Mercy of the Americas and North Carolina Legacy
  • Demonstration of need
  • Qualifications to carry out the purposes of the grant
  • Empowerment of those persons who are served by involving them whenever possible in the design, implementation and evaluation of the program
  • Contribution to systemic change
  • Demonstration of program sustainability over time
  • Acceptable cost versus benefit comparisons, i.e. reasonable numbers served and depth of impact for the investment
  • Clearly defined and measurable program outcomes that demonstrate a benefit for the population to be served
  • Completeness of the application, including the submission of a current audit or compilation report